Nowadays exports become an attractive scenario for all the companies, where the outcomes bring uncountable advantages: Access to new markets, brand recognition globally, financial growth, competitiveness, risk diversification, generation of new jobs, among others.

But before to take the big decision, a fist is necessary to ask our self some questions to know if our company is ready and under the correct conditions to cross the borders.

​Have I got financial and productive capacity to afford a big demand? Who is my competence in the new market? What price can I sell my product overseas? What is my target market? Should I change my product to sell it in another country? Is there any legislative conditions against or favor of my product? How much taxes should I pay?

At GLOBAL TRADE COMEX, we take care of conducting exhaustive market research, analyzing necessary factors to achieve success in the export process, generating long-term commercial relationships as our main achievement.

Among the main services we offer, there are:
  • Export Plan preparation, We carry out detailed market research analyzing important factors for its development in the country of destination, such as an ideal location for your product, tax report, competition, target export price, etc.
  • ​We search for companies and commercial partners available to do a merger or to commercial the product in destiny.
  • ​We execute the commercial plan needed to enter to the target market. Part of our team is located and distributed in the 5 continents, and all together we are available to collaborate with the internationalization of your company.
  • ​We carry out the logistics and customs operation, following the product from the beginning until arrive into the final destiny.
  • ​We manage EXPORT PRE FINANCING, generating to the companies founds to produce and export


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